About KDL

Two Courses

There are two different KDL courses - the New Course and the Original Course. The New Course uses modern methods to teach spoken and written Cornish in a lively style, emphasising everyday spoken Cornish. The Original Course has more emphasis on the written language and the grammatical basis of the language.

New Course

The New Course is available in the Standard Written Form of Cornish (Furv Skrifys Savonek - FSS) and Common Cornish (Kernewek Kemmyn - KK). The differences between the spelling systems, which are small, are explained in the page About Cornish.

There are four levels in the New Course, corresponding to the four examination grades.

Lessons consist of Conversations, with Grammar Notes and Exercises, with lively graphics. The conversations and various other parts of the course (marked **) are on the Audio file for each lesson (except for Revision lessons). You practise your spoken Cornish and then send your written work to your tutor either as a regular email or as an attached Word or text file. There are also conversation practice sheets for some lessons.

Original Course

The Original Course is available only in Kernewek Kemmyn.

There are three KDL levels in the Original Course. The first level consists of twenty-five lessons, to prepare you for the First Grade exams. The second level covers both Second and Third Grade exams. The Fourth Grade course is available only from a tutor through the administrator.

Lessons begin with a Reading passage in Kernewek along with the new Vocabulary. You translate the passage and re-translate it back to Kernewek. Using the Audio .mp3 files, you listen to and practise speaking the material in each lesson.

Then follow the Questions on the reading passage. The answers are included in the work you send for marking. The audio file includes the questions with a gap left before you answer, for you to practise your spoken Cornish.

In the Grammar section, each new point has an exercise to help you to understand and learn it. Finally there are Exercises to complete.

You now e-mail your answers and your exercises - either as a regular email or as an attached Word or text file - to your tutor.

Detailed instructions for using the course are in the Introduction sheet on the First Grade page. There is also Reference material with a pronunciation guide, mutation table, glossary of grammatical terms.

Other Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in other activities to improve their language skills. In particular, the annual Cornish Language Weekend has proved very successful. An occasional newsletter, ‘An Kesskrifer’, is sent to all students, with articles for all levels.